Covid and a state of affairs with SSVi April 22, 2020 22:05

Hey all!  So its been quite a while since I’ve posted a blog, but with everything going on I figured there’s more than enough to talk about.  


First off - trigger bars. I know lots of people are waiting on orders containing medium frame Tyr setups.  I apologize profusely as it all comes down to the owner of the company being responsible for all the good and bad like this.  Myself and many other companies are waiting on trigger assemblies from Glock.  I’ve been on backorder before, 2 weeks use to be a very long time.  We’re going on close to 2 months at this point and I still don’t have a clear idea on when to expect them, I’m assuming covid-19 is doing its damage on manufacturing and everything on down the line to distribution.  EVERYONE waiting on backorders will get a set of patches and stickers

In the meantime, as an olive branch I’m extending out a discount code, any “Standard Issue” Tyr trigger, in stock or not (the blacks, reds, od green, blue, gold, basically anything not special edition like NiB or Ti) at the current sale price will also get you 20% off a ‘shoe only’ in all the standard issue models too. Basically, buy one, get one (shoe) 20% off.


Now...for better news!  I’m currently in design development with a couple bad ass engineers I work with on the SSVi mag well.  Yep, its high past time for one too, think Tyr trigger aesthetics, low profile duty carry.  We’re in the very beginning stages of it, but I know what I want and my guys know what they’re doing, I don’t see it taking forever to develop.

So...that’s about the long and short of it, I’ll be sending this out to everyone on the mailing list and hopefully things start moving smoothly in all areas of our life soon. My boys are growing up big and strong, 30 and 35 pounds last time I checked, and still the biggest trouble makers ever.



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