Do I need an FFL to ship my firearm for me?

No, I am an FFL and your firearms can come directly to and from me back to you.

How do I send my gun?

FedEx or UPS, no slower than two day air and PLEASE include at least one copy of the order form (link found on every service page). If you walk into either place and they try to tell you it has to be overnighted they're wrong, but if they're sticking to it then you may not have any other option.

Do I have to ship the whole gun or can I just send the frame?

I prefer to receive the full pistol but you only have to send the frame for the majority of work I do. If you're wanting any sort of trigger work on ANY model of gun I'll need the entire piece.

Should I disassemble the frame?

No. Please leave it exactly the way it sits and I'll do all the disassembly and reassembly. Often times there are parts needing checked for repair or replacement and we'd never know what's needing done if I can't see them!

I really like how you do your frame work, but would you change X or Y for me because of Z?

No. When you select me to do framework or modifications for you its because of my experience and knowledge in my field. I understand there's a level of trust needed with something as personal as a firearm, but if you have doubts, try and find a negative comment or review regarding the work I've done. So no, I will not do 'gas pedal' or 'accelerator' cuts, different styles, or change up my style for your personal build. This currently also applies to doing logo work aside from the Mjolnir on all the Series Guns (standard) or basic/premium packages (if requested).

What do you charge to do a frame chop, trigger work, or anything not shown under the basic or premium package pages?

If you click on the blue link at the bottom of any of the "Services" pages you'll find the comprehensive price list and order form which should answer your questions. If you still have unanswered questions feel free to email me at damon@ssvi.us

I want Agency Arms, DP Custom Works and/or Blowndeadline to do some work on my gun that you'll have, can I just have you deal with it all?

You can send me your entire gun, but PLEASE contact them separately about what you want them to do, their ordering process and pricing. If they require an order form, please ship it with your gun to me so I can forward it on. I have too much on my plate to chase down what everyone wants, what they just changed from what they want, or haggling prices.

Will you do a replica Fatal15 Agency Arms Glock for me?

No. If you want to send your slide to Agency Arms and have your entire gun Cerakoted afterward by Blowndeadline, thats perfectly fine. However, Agency Arms will NOT do partial work i.e. accelerator cuts/sled cuts then have me do all the rest of the work. You will get my standard style of frame work, and if logo embossing is requested I'll do the Mjolnir that has become the SSVi standard. If you STILL don't think you'll be ending up with a completely bad ass gun I really don't know what to tell you!

You said it was going to be X amount of weeks (or months) but its passed that...

PLEASE be patient. When dealing with full custom builds i.e. machining, laser work, cerakote, etc you have to understand you aren't just waiting on me. Every other company working with me has their own backlog and customers as well, so while we all try and keep to a schedule, a lot of things just aren't in my (or their) hands. I do my best to give an accurate ETA, but 90% of the time it isn't in my control when it isn't back in my hands yet. Just be patient. You'll be glad you did.