SSVI Tyr Trigger for Glocks

$ 150.00


The SSVi Tyr trigger was designed from the ground up to be the next evolution in an EDC/duty trigger, refining what we know and love about the predictability of the OEM Glock trigger.  It maintains all current safeties built into the Glock Safe Action system, and increases the leverage used when actuating trigger to enhance the user experience.
The Tyr trigger 2.0 has been released and is in current circulation! Some under the hood enhancements and slight comfort refinements set this trigger apart from the previous model, and the red safety on the standard black Tyr show that it's a 2.0 model (though you can still select to keep a black safety). Tyr triggers for all Glock models are available NOW.

Týr, the god of war also represented by the rune Tīwaz,
was invoked to encourage victory in battle,
matters of law, justice, honor and oaths.
One of the defining gods of the Norse,
he was known for binding the wolf Fenrir,

and sacrificed his hand in the process
for the protection of his people.

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