SSVI Tyr Trigger for Glocks - BACK ORDER ONLY

$ 150.00

The long awaited Tyr Trigger is finally available.


This beautifully machined and anodized piece is a drop in replacement for your current Glock trigger shoe and bar assembly. Designed for comfort, function and universal fit in all Gen3 and Gen4 standard and large frame Glocks.

Týr, the god of war also represented by the rune Tīwaz,
was invoked to encourage victory in battle,
matters of law, justice, honor and oaths.
One of the defining gods of the Norse,
he was known for binding the wolf Fenrir,

and sacrificed his hand in the process
for the protection of his people.

Check out RECOIL Magazine's in-depth review of the SSVi Tyr trigger.


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